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Lucky Underwear and the Lusitania Centenary 7 May 1915

May 3, 2015

Remembering 1195 souls lost in the sinking of the Lusitania centenary 7 May 1915.

This is a brilliant London Tube Poster (photographed Autumn 2014) advertising the 2014 relaunch of the WW1 galleries at the Imperial War Museum London showing how well an unusual object can ‘tell’ an incredible survival story:

lusitania ww1 text

Having seen the object in the gallery, an almost overwhelming immersive experience, the poster tells the Lusitania story simply and well.

ww1 lusitania

Appropriately for someone researching wartime gardens in unusual places like zoos, a flowery patch of home also caught my eye on this IWM WW1 ‘object story’ poster, again for a small object that might get lost amongst the mass of exhibits at the IWM galleries:

wallpaper ww1

The posters were created by agency Johnny Fearless and its Executive Creative Director Paul Domenet which included a short animation with Aardman, Flight of Stories:

Another chilling anniversary for April and May 1915 was the use of poison gas on the battlefield:


An unusual “Hoodie” for Tube Commuters to see indeed.

Other clever WW1 centenary interpretation methods glimpsed in London include the WW1 soldier war memorial to railway staff ‘Talking Statue’ at Paddington Station.

Lest we forget …

Mark Norris, World War Zoo Gardens Project

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