Remembering ZSL London Zoo librarian Henry Peavot killed WW1 21 April 1917

21.4.1917 Henry George Jesse Peavot, Honourable Artillery Company,  ZSL Librarian

R Jones Faubourg

ZSL librarian Henry Peavot’s name is listed amongst the thousands of names of the missing on the Arras Memorial. ZSL Gardener Robert Jones is buried in a marked grave here with a headstone at Faubourg D’Amiens Cemetery, another victim of the Battle of Arras April 1917. (Image source: CWGC)

Henry George Jesse Peavot, a 35 year old ZSL Librarian served in B Company, 1st Battalion, Honourable Artillery Company and died on 21st April 1917.

He has no known grave and his name is listed amongst the 35,000 missing men listed on the Arras Memorial alone.

Like many of these zoo staff, Peavot was married; his widow Maud or Maude Odette Peavot  (nee Schneider)  never remarried (as far as I can discover) and lived to mourn his loss for almost seven decades until 1985. They had one child Leslie, who died in the 1930s.

Previously a ZSL typist, Maude kept in touch with ZSL for many years, a file of personal correspondence in the ZSL Archive appears to continue from 1917 to about 1932 and is likely to be pension related. Equally amongst his WW1 Army Service Records are letters from Maud to the Army chasing her husband’s lost personal possessions.

A former colleague of Henry Peavot from the ZSL Library, Edwin Ephraim Riseley was also killed a few months later in August 1917, commemorated at the Linnean Society Library where he worked after leaving London Zoo – see our Linnean Society Roll of Honour blog post.

Librarian Memorial, British Library

This was a new memorial to me. Both Peavot and Riseley are listed on this memorial (alongside British Museum staff like H. Michie) to Librarians lost in WW1 in the British Library.

These photographs are taken from this website




Henry G. J. Peavot’s attestation and enlistment papers are by chance shown on a London WW1 website about the Derby Scheme,

Henry George Jesse Peavot, remembered 100 years on, 21 April 1917 / 2017. 

Blogposted by Mark Norris, World War Zoo Gardens project, Newquay Zoo.



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