Zoo staff remembered on the Somme 100 Paths of Memory project


WW1 Zoo memory square Belle Vue Zoo Manchester #Somme100

I have uploaded as part of the Paths of Memory Project for #Somme100 and the WW1 centenary a  memory square for the forgotten zoo staff of a vanished zoo, Belle Vue Zoo in Manchester.

Visit our memory square here – https://www.1418now.org.uk/somme100/gallery/mark-norris-men-named-belle-vue-zoo-manchester-ww1-staff-war-memorial-gorton-park-cemetery-manchester

Good to see many different generations and communities involved in this and other #Somme100 projects.

Our zoo square will feature on the gallery page, then printed onto a ceramic tile and laid in The Path of the Remembered at Heaton Park in Manchester – the site of the National Commemorative Concert on 1st July 2016. Not that far from Manchester’s Belle Vue Zoo where these men worked …

We covered the story of William Morrey and others of Belle Vue Zoo Manchester staff in WW1 here:


This war memorial / memory square stands for the zoo staff from all UK zoos involved (Bristol, London, Belle Vue Zoo, Edinburgh etc) and botanic gardens that we have been researching as part of the World War Zoo Gardens Project.

WW1 zoo staff of all nations,  remembered.

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