Bugg’s Life, Death and Family Tree reunited

Mal Padgett, part of the Arthur Bugg family tree,  passed me some photographs of their family reunion of 26 descendants around the staff memorial tree at Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne on 19 November 2015.

It is 70 years this year  since the Brush Box tree was planted in Bugg’s memory.

bugg memorail tree plaque.jpg

Courtesy of Mal Padgett.


Their relative Arthur William Bugg of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne staff died on 2 November 1915  in Egypt during the Gallipoli campaign.

Bugg and staff member Flight Sergeant E W Hiskins of the RAAF (died 1944) are remembered  by a Brush Box tree planted by Ernest Henry Bugg, Arthur’s brother on 10 September 1946.

bugg family reunion

The Bugg Family reunion at the staff memorial tree, Melbourne Botanic Gardens  19 November 2015 (photo courtesy of Mal Padgett)



Press cuttings from previous reunions and the 1946 planting:



bugg reunion cutting 1996

1996 reunion press cutting (courtesy of Mal Padgett)



bugg tree reunion 2

Assembling for the reunion around the Memorial Tree (courtesy of Mal Padgett)


bugg certificate

Arthur Bugg’s entry in the family bible (courtesy of Mal Padgett)


Arthur William Bugg’s entry in the Bugg family bible.  According to Elaine Upton, granddaughter of Ernest, both Arthur and his brother Ernest worked at their Gardens with their father Isaac.

Bugg_Hiskins 001 (2)

From the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne / State archives



If you want to find the Tree in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne:

melbourne map

Brave men remembered by their families many years on.

Posted by Mark Norris, World War Zoo gardens project, Newquay Zoo.




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