Newquay’s lost wartime fire crew remembered 75 years on

Newquay’s wartime fire crew lost 5 members during the Plymouth Blitz of 23 April 1941.

Remembered 75 years on.

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3 Responses to “Newquay’s lost wartime fire crew remembered 75 years on”

  1. Floyd Whitley Says:

    Greetings from Idaho. Thank you for sharing this diary.

    As part of our commemoration of the WW1 centennial of the S.S. Tuscania sinking (5 February 1918), Idaho County Historical Society acquired the Thomas Balfour Fellowes, RN, medals group. Fellowes, in command of HMS Mosquito, assisted in saving 2,000 American Doughboys. Idaho had a significant contingent aboard, and our first combat casualty was sustained in the sinking.

    Captain Fellowes retired in late 1938; but was recalled in mid-1940 and assigned to Plymouth where he became Chief of Staff. His WW1 medals were actually bombed during the Blitz, and apparently recovered from rubble. They were sent to Hyde Park for identification and they were returned to Fellowes in damaged state, and ultimately he was issued replacements.

    We can only assume these medals were bombed at Devonport, possibly in the devastating raid April 21/22 1941. To our knowledge, these were not bombed at Fellowes’ home at the Eton College Manor Farm House, Piddlehinton.

    In any case, we have this medals group at the Grangeville Bicentennial Museum in north central Idaho to “draw out” the story of the local troops (primarily foresters) aboard the Tuscania for our museum visitors. I can send a picture of the war damaged group if you’d like.


    • worldwarzoogardener1939 Says:

      Fascinating story linking WW1,
      and WW2, two continents, the army and navy. I would be happy to post the medals picture as a further addition to the Plymouth Blitz story. Please email me via my work address at mark [dot] norris [at] newquayzoo [dot] org [dot] uk. Address given in this way to avoid spamming. Many thanks Mark Norris


  2. Floyd Whitley Says:

    Will do. Images shall be sent as an attachment to email body. Thanks. FWW, Idaho


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