Royal Mail marks 65th and 70th anniversaries of World War Two in stamps

Britain Alone 13 May 2010

Land Girls featured on the new 'Britain Alone' Royal Mail stamp issue, 13 May 2010

The Royal Mail is  very proud to announce our Britain Alone Special Stamp issue. It is Royal Mail’s tribute, 70 years on, to those who stood proud and defiant against the Axis powers in the dark days of 1940. The stories of their courage and fortitude make for an uplifting and fascinating read, as do the facts surrounding the evacuation from Dunkirk, which also features in this impressive special issue.

Dunkirk is featured and a local historian at our recent wartime garden event informed me that fishing boats from Newquay and Cornwall were involved as ‘little ships’ in the Dunkirk rescue, a story we’ll follow up as we find more.

Our other zoo blog features Charles Darwin and wildlife on stamps, a joint project with RZSS Edinburgh Zoo


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4 Responses to “Royal Mail marks 65th and 70th anniversaries of World War Two in stamps”

  1. Best cellulite cream Says:

    Well written.
    You maintain a nice blog.
    Thank you for posting this.


    • worldwarzoogardener1939 Says:

      Thanks for your comments – May and June are busy times in the garden so should be posting more soon!


  2. worldwarzoogardener1939 Says:

    Thanks for thinking of us. I don’t currently have Sept 1940 of this magazine – they are a fascinating source of wartime animal information. They occasionally come up on ebay at a few pounds each so I’ve been trying to complete my set! You can contact me at Newquay Zoo via


  3. worldwarzoogardener1939 Says:

    Strangely I’ve just obtained a copy of September 1940 with a brilliant pic of an elephant ploughing up Whipsnade Zoo! Many thanks for your contact.


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