‘Ladies Only’ British Pathe clips of Paignton Zoo’s female wartime keepers 1941

Philip Knowling the Press Officer at Paignton Zoo, our sister zoo,  sent me this link for the fabulous archives at British Pathe (lots more zoo clips on the newsreels section) http://www.britishpathe.com/


Newsreel  of female keepers at Primley Zoological Gardens (as Paignton was then known) in 1941.

The ‘ladies of the zoo’ are wearing a Chessington style uniform, so possibly staff employed after the temporary Paignton / Chessington merger in wartime

Female keepers and Land Girls were increasingly recruited into what had been mostly a male only profession as the younger male keepers were called up.

Lots more stories like this at our World War Zoo gardens event at Newquay Zoo 1 to 3 May 2010 Newquay Zoo www.newquayzoo.org.uk


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2 Responses to “‘Ladies Only’ British Pathe clips of Paignton Zoo’s female wartime keepers 1941”

  1. Jason Says:

    British Pathe are a great site, I love so many of their vides.


    • worldwarzoogardener1939 Says:

      There are lots of fabulous zoo clips on British Pathe to explore. Very evocative of the period.
      Enjoy the pathe clips and more of the zoo blog.


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