Secret agents, planespotting and plantspotting – another wartime weeknd announced for Newquay Zoo May 2010

Dates for the next wartime weekend May 2010 at Newquay Zoo are on the events page

World War Zoo weekend,   1st – 3rd May 2010
Discover more about what happened to zoos during World War Two. Visit our wartime ‘Dig for Victory’ garden and displays about wartime life in the 1940s. watch this blog for more details …

Plant Hunters Trail 1st May -18th September
Follow in the footsteps of legendary plant hunter Edwardiana Jones (and his sister Victoriana) as you uncover real-life stories of daring adventure in search of …plants! Learn about Cornish explorers, wartime secret agents, and the extraordinary stories behind the exotic plants in our gardens on our family-friendly activity trail. You’ll want to go home and ‘grow your own’ wildlife garden afterwards!  

Secret agents, planespotting and plantspotting

 The World War Zoo project also links into our wider events programme at Newquay Zoo, a wartime garden weekend in May 2010 running alongside the launch of a “plant-hunter” based family activity trail around the zoo.

elderly plant hunter and wartime secret agent Frank Kingdon Ward in battledress 1940s (taken from his last posthumous book 1960 volume in the Newquay Zoo wartime life collection).

Serendipity, synergy and research uncovered the wartime exploits of ageing plant hunter Frank Kingdon-Ward (1885-1958) teaching jungle survival, surveying secret escape routes for pilots in Japanese held territory and searching for missing planes through Asian jungles (whilst collecting plants en route).

A ‘planespotting’ and plantspotting activity for the weekend will focus on tracking down around the zoo some of children’s scrapbook, plane spotter and cigarette card scans of airplane silhouettes in our archive collection (pictured below) as well as their plant silhouette equivalent.

Original pilots’ silk escape maps of Southeast Asia and hopefully some local aircraft wreck relics will be on on display .          

Plane spotting for beginners, children (and smokers) - Sweet Caporal cigarette packs with handy aircraft identification silhouettes. Taken from the World War Zoo wartime life collection at Newquay Zoo


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2 Responses to “Secret agents, planespotting and plantspotting – another wartime weeknd announced for Newquay Zoo May 2010”

  1. How to play Cafe World Says:

    Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner.


    • worldwarzoogardener1939 Says:

      We will hopefully film some of the wartime garden weekend 1 to 3 May 2010 and certainly take more photos to use. There are some great videos on the Imperial War Museum ‘Ministry of Food’ website.


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